Dakat D-materialis Déc26

Dakat D-materialis

Here we are for you alphafolks, a wacky Dakat album at last available ! For those of you who know the score, Dakat is one half of Electron X. The other half is now in charge of the video department ! You can see a first clip from D-Materialis here D-Materialis : 13 electro tracks of blood...

Daramone album Sep14

Daramone album

It’s brand new and fresh, we remastered and in some cases remixed all Daramone’s e.p’s as a single album and it is available as a download(hi quality mp3 and CD quality .wav files with artwork) only on the Pragmazic.net platform for 6€ only(about 4£). 66% of the sale will...

Daramone Fév09


A 3 piece pop/indie band from London with Christian Fist(vocals/gtr),Jake Bullet(gtrs/vocals),Flat Ed (gtr/bass/vocals). Inspired by songwriter Tom Baker (aka Christian Fist), Daramone went from a full band line up to an intimate 3 piece acoustic set. Probably fed up of too much noise, they...

Electron X Fév09

Electron X

Electron X is a punk/big beat influenced band which members are Antoine and Matthieu MERCIER. Both brothers have joined forces to produce a quirky unformatted sort of electronica, that will remain unique. They are the historical Alphatester band being the very first artists signed on the...

Alphatester is well thank you ! Fév09

Alphatester is well ...

It seems that things have been on the quiet side. Yes and no. The apparent label activity has slowed down considerably on Alphatester compared to the years 2000-2002. The Ecosystem part of the website has somewhat been moved and developed on a new project Dogmazic.net in association with...

Flat Ed Fév08

Flat Ed

Flat ED is the label’s main producer. He also writes songs, trying to get the words as right as possible to communicate uncertain feelings. You can spot loads of various influences, such as folk, indie, dub, electronica, country, pop… His output rate is low as he’s always...

zestoff Mar22


zestoff is only a short musical experience. Another way to express himself, showing sometimes nostalgia or evil.
 Zestoff Dogmazic.net page [audio:http://alphatester.com/files/2012/03/paseo_digital.mp3|titles=paseo_digital]

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