Electron X Fév09


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Electron X

Electron X is a punk/big beat influenced band which members are Antoine and Matthieu MERCIER.
Both brothers have joined forces to produce a quirky unformatted sort of electronica, that will remain unique.
They are the historical Alphatester band being the very first artists signed on the label in 2000. Nothing new seems to be planned in a near future, as Antoine is pursuing his movie making career under the name Jean Bitonio and Matthieu is still making music as Dakat (his debut album should be released here shortly). But who knows, as long as they remain brothers anything can happen !

Electron X page on Dogmazic.net

[audio:https://www.alphatester.com/files/2012/03/Loverboy.mp3|titles=Loverboy (Electron X)]

Once Upon a Time [audio:https://www.alphatester.com/files/2012/03/once_upon_a_time.mp3|titles=Once Upon a time (Electron X)]