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Past artists and collaborations

Illustration album Nelly de SoYoPer
Soyoper was a project gathering various musicians led by Bernard Dupouy, with regular members like Cyril Touille and Ancris Cano. Atmospheric, cinematic and jazzy influenced compositions, the album “Nelly” released in 1999 was produced by Flat Ed for the “ersatz” label.
Soyoper’s Dogmazic page

Illustration Krapulax
Krapulax is a house music producer based in Paris, we met him in 2000, impressed by the quality of his tracks we agreed to release 2 remixes on our “contact” compilation.
Krapulax home page

Illustration Wazif
Wazif produces all sorts of drum and bass, hard techno tracks, he is also a DJ, we produced one of his tracks that was released on our compilation.